Since our establishment in 1951, Tsukatani has been satisfying the needs of the times, such as small-quantity, high-variety small-lot production and quick deliveries, while making an exhaustive study of the quality of “cutting” and “punching”.
Under the severe business environment of Japan’s economic recession and the intense catching-up of Asia-based manufacturers headed by China, how to grow into a company that further unites technological superiority and competitive pricing is a big assignment for Tsukatani.
It is our great pleasure to tell you that a series of exciting changes have brightened our prospects; for example, demand for PINNACLE DIE, a pillar of our third business domain, has been rapidly increasing, our products have started being applied to the “cutting” and “punching” of printed circuit boards, liquid crystals, and other electronic components, and the Asian market is rapidly expanding. It would be a rational choice for us to concentrate our management resources in these growing fields in the future. To achieve this, without resting on our proprietary technologies and original distribution network, we are ready to aggressively take on cross-border alliances, if we can find worthy technologies and advantageous cooperative conditions.

Ultrabender produces state-of-the-art computer automated rule bending machine, or simply called auto bending machine, with high performance, high precision and high reliability. It is specially designed for bending rules for die-cutting mould manufacturers. It is able to bend rules into different shapes and curves according to requirements. It greatly shortens the time required to make die-cutting moulds. It also largely increases the accuracy and smoothness of die-cutting rules as well as increasing overall efficiency and quality. Ultrabender’s auto bending machine is especially good for making irregular shape die-cutting moulds. It bundles with one of the best auto bending machine control software in the world, Future CAM™, providing accurate calculations and smart controlling of the machine.

We have innovative and unique products for the flatbed-diecutting process. We simplify your process and help you to save your make ready time and increase your productivity.

  • Unique creasing solution and patented cutting device to speed up the machine set up
  • Platen cleaning equipment & Cleaning service
  • New technology of rubber profiles
  • Innovative material for a perfect stripping
  • Special tuning material to prevent production stops

Excellence is not an exception – it is a prevailing attitude.

This is the philosophy we at National try to live by every day. For fifty years, National has been the professional diemakers choice for cutting, creasing, and perforating rule as well as many other innvotive products used in steel rule diecutting.

While National is your one stop source for rotary and serrated steel rule, we also enjoy affiliations with Zimmer Industries. This alliance gives us a remarkable amount of versatility in terms of offering solutions to a wide range of diecutting problems

Richly Top Industrial Limited is one of the leading automated machinery manufacturers in the world for the die-cutting mould industry. It is a Hong Kong based company with its factory in Shenzhen, China. Headquartered in Hong Kong, with its world class research, design and servicing human resources to support the state-of-art machine products, and with its factory in Shenzhen, utilizing the rich manufacturing resources to produce low cost but high quality machine products.

Richly Top has its proven track records of happy customers at most places of the world, in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. It is proven that the machine products by Richly Top can help customers of die-makers around the world to increase their production efficiency and quality.

The two founders of Richly Top, Kong and Wu, are with more than 15 years experience in die-making industry and computer automation industry respectively. This combination forms the strong company, Richly Top, to produce one of the best automated machines in the world for die-makers.

Richly Top will continue its efforts to develop more functions to further enrich the machines, as well as expanding its sales network to cover more places of the world. Richly Top aims to provide the best automated machines to all die-makers in the world.

3CUBE DIESUPPLIES is professional supplier for high-end diemaking and diecutting products like following:

 Manuel/pneumatic diemaking/diecutting machines
 Punches
 Other consumables for diemaking/diecutting

Providing good quality products and instant service are our principals. Our goal is help our partners own irreplaceable position in their market for our long-term and win-win cooperation.

As a focus on Japan’s die-cutting supplies of Japanese enterprises, the main agent of world-class brands of die-cutting knives, bottom molds, printing supplies, die-cutting production equipment, etching knife mold, industrial blades, exclusive production, processing bullet Taro series high rebound rubber sponge. For China’s domestic customers to provide die-cutting processing technical support and services.